Current Search Strategies That Will Increase Your Exposure

June 12, 2017

Changes in organic search are frequent and often catch companies off guard. What’s important to the search engines? Where should you prioritize your resources and efforts? What will really make the most difference in 2017? In this half day workshop, you’ll be guided through the latest updates, and most relevant ranking factors that will increase your exposure to potential customers.

You’ll receive an online interactive workbook to use during the workshop which will allow you to walk through exercises and personalize the information you learn to your company or brand.

At the end of this workshop, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand what RankBrain is
  • Choose the right keywords
  • Determine if linking still matters
  • List content factors that really make a difference. Is it quality, quantity or both?
  • Measure SEO ROI, and the impact it has on your business
  • Justify your investment in SEO
  • Define AMP, and it’s importance
  • Solve the most common SEO pitfalls
  • Maximize your SEO investment