Grow By Doing Less: A Lean Approach to Data and UX

June 12, 2017

Every digital organization wants to show a stronger ROI for their investments and most of us believe the answer is to collect as much data as we can about our customers. But signs increasingly point the other way. Unless you’re Amazon or Netflix, chances are you can’t collect every data point and stay within budget and run a lean operation. Conducting small, measurable tests may be the fastest way to gain customer loyalty in the long run. We say less is more in most daily scenarios and it may be the only way to thrive in our charged, digital era.
After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Combine the art & design of user experience with the data science & technology of data analytics to move the needle forward
  • Get hardcore about your priorities. Learn how to focus on the right things to measure and leave everything else on the backlog for later
  • Align your Marketing and Digital teams to build and deliver superior customer experiences