Size Matters: The Many Screens of Our Connected Things

June 12, 2017

From streaming media players and Smart TVs to VR headsets and Home Assistants, this is an exciting time for our connected world. Web design and mobile strategies have been a common topic for many years now, but today’s devices require a comprehensive Connected Device Design strategy to ensure a unified experience across all devices.

This talk will dive into the world of designing the experience for streaming devices and the connected experience for the entire digital ecosystem. Unifying your designs for wearables, handset, tablet and web browser is complicated, but adding the large-screen form factor presents new challenges, solvable by planning and a little design thinking.

Attendees will leave the presentation with the ability to:

  • Define the team’s Connected Ecosystem and Connected Design strategy.
  • Inform the teams on the design process of their Connected Ecosystem.
  • Design application for popular streaming media devices like Smart TV’s, Gaming Consoles and devices like Apple TV and Roku.
  • Understand the ways that emerging technologies like VR+AR can be included in the connected strategy.