Facebook Ads Mad Science: 7 Crazy Growth Hacks for Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads cost are at an all time high so you can’t miss Larry Kim’s 7 super-strange-but-true Facebook ad hacks! 9 in 10 Facebook advertisers are missing out from at least half of these loopholes and genius ad targeting ideas. In this session, you’ll learn the ultimate cheat sheet for 10x-ing your 2019 Facebook ad performance with hacks for audience targeting, Facebook Insights, remarketing, landing page optimization and ad delivery.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Leverage creative new ad targeting strategies that double CTR
  • Try new Ad Formats like Click-to-Messenger ads which offer +70% open rates and +20% CTRs
  • Use Larry’s formulas for campaign budget allocation to increase campaign ROI