Exposing the Failure of B2B Inbound Marketing: Generating Content that Actually Leads to Sales

Content has long been used as an inbound tool. The internet as of now is littered with the benefits of inbound content and how to bring customers to you. That might work well in the B2C environment, but B2B is a very different case. Are you differentiating between nurturing and sales content? Does your sales team benefit from the content you create? Are you aligning the sales cycle with the content production?

This session will cover how you should empower your sales team using content to help them convert opportunities to leads faster. We’ll also review case studies of companies that have had a sales-oriented approach to content creation and will dive into how they succeeded or failed. You’ll walk away with a general content strategy that any B2B company can use.

After this session you will be able to:

  • Generate B2B content differentiated by stages of the sales cycle
  • Build traditional and social content to empower your sales teams
  • Align marketing and sales to create an educational experience for your prospects