The Changing Face of Ethical Design: Why Responsible Intent Matters More Than Ever

Design has always been about problem solving. But the scale and complexity of the problems designers face is at an all-time high as we consider designing products and solutions that are ethical, inclusive, and sustainable. Focusing purely on outcomes can cause unintentional harm to humans, our communities, and society. How can we, as designers, meaningfully improve the world when the speed and continuous introduction of new technology seems to make all of us more vulnerable? What can designers do when facing conflicts of interest around creating responsible solutions? Now more than ever, designers need to be accountable for the decisions we make and understand the lasting impact our designs leave behind.

After this session, you will be able to:

  • Understand what it means to design ethical, inclusive, and sustainable solutions
  • Replicate real-world examples of how thinking responsibly could have improved design outcomes
  • Embed responsibility into the design process
  • Follow best practices for designing products with responsible intent