Developing a User-first SEO Strategy for Brand Growth

To win in SEO you absolutely must do what’s best for your users. This requires a strategic balance of SEO, Editorial, and User Experience (UX) best practices that we will walk through in this session. You must know how to identify & measure what your consumers want from your brand, as well as understand how Google defines a good user experience for ranking impact. Think about it, why would Google rank a site with a subpar user experience or brand sentiment? This session will explain tactics for a user-first site experience that will both boost rankings & promote positive retention for your brand.

After this session you’ll be able to:

  • Identify which features of UX Google defines as beneficial to the user & will drive rankings
  • Set UX testing strategies to better understand what your user base desires from your brand
  • Implement Expert, Authoritative, and Trust (EAT) best practices to improve your brand sentiment

This session is for digital marketers that focus on SEO, Editorial, or Brand Experience and want to better understand how to implement strategy for improved rankings performance.